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Tal ayala kamin

Artist & Entrepreneur



Moving to America from Israel at 7 years old, dance was my only language. From baby tutus to competition trophies, I now work professionally for a number of concert companies in NYC . I am a graduate of Broadway Dance Center’s AIM Company and have taught children's classes at Peridance. Favorite memories include dancing with the Kibbutz  Co. and Batsheva in Israel and training with The Rockettes, Alvin Ailey, and Kyle Abraham's A.I.M 

Attending Bergen County Academies, a magnet vocational high school, I developed time management skills in order to achieve a school-life balance. This fascination with maximizing productivity and collaboration sparked my interest in Business. Since the age of 15, I have worked at 2 start-up companies, The Institute for Wellness Education and Irrational Ventures, founded at Stanford and Duke University, respectively. These experiences have strengthened my affinity for business, specifically sales and consulting. 

Today, as a Sophomore at the University of Michigan, I pursue both of these passions through a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance and a Degree in Economics. These academic experiences are further supported by my leadership in the Dance Students Assembly as well as my position as the Professional Chair in Phi Gamma Nu, a Professional Development Organization. GO BLUE!  

While working towards my dreams is very important to me, giving back to my community motivates me to employ my talents towards a greater good. My most recent internship at Broadway Cares: Equity Fights Aids taught me the value of art in bringing people together. Consequently, I was inspired to found an upcoming non-profit female empowerment organization, "WE ARE QUEENS", supported by over 750 females worldwide and 3 Broadway Shows. Initially a 30 Day Challenge, we are growing with an upcoming digital application and a Benefit Concert at the University of Michigan.

I have always been a self-starter. But I’ve also kept my culture alive though my belief in “Tikkun Olam”, empowering the world!




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